My Story continued

I have been a visual artist, with a dedicated studio arts practice for the last twenty plus years.  I got into making clothing in 2017 out of curiosity and intuition.  My first ah-ha moment came when I transferred a piece of original art onto a pair of leggings.  From there, I just kept designing prints and eventually, products and collections.
My ambition is to construct a range of expressive, high quality, and comfortable outdoor athleisure wear that fuses performance, style, versatility, and practicality.  All while aiming to make it here in the USA with sustainable materials and production practices.
 I am inspired by the path I am on and the messages that I have been tasked with spreading. I take great pleasure in the processes and creativity that goes into creating this brand, resplendent in vivid colors, pleasing patterns, and high-end fabrics.
When wearing my clothing, I wish for you to sense the attention to detail and quality in every movement you make.
Andrew Murray, Founder.