Wear AM is committed to taking aggressive climate action now, not later.  In fact, we believe that any brand that doesn't have a climate action plan is operating in an irresponsible way.  Here are some of the things we are doing already.

1).  We believe the most sustainable thing we can do as humans is to be 100% our unique selves.  We want our art to speak to you and imbue you with a sense of expressive freedom.  We also realize that fixing our current climate issues take all of us as individual actors doing our small parts each day.

2). We produce our garments on demand or in small batches in close geographical proximity to our end user.  For products sold in Europe, we produce them in Latvia.  For products sold in North America, we produce our products in the USA.  This limits the transportation miles and therefore CO2 emissions it takes for our products to reach you.

3).  Our printed products use only a piece of paper as a waste product.  The paper used is post-consumer recycled already.  It is furthermore recycled after the dye transfer sublimation process (which uses heat and pressure). Our dyes are human and earth friendly and are CSIPA compliant. 

4).  On certain items, we now use 100% compostable packaging. It is important to put this packaging in your compost bin at home, and not the trash, as they are made from vegetable oils.  We also have new products in the pipeline made from post consumer recycled material.

5). On the human side of things, the workers who produce these goods are paid above average wages and work in safe, state-of-the-art facilities in North America and Europe. 

6). We have recycled fabrics and more natural fibers for products in our pipeline, so stay tuned!