Wear A Movement™

I'm Andrew, the founder of Wear A Movement. I created Wear AM® because making art and high-quality clothing it is what I love doing.

What is the movement? It is toward a greater balance and connection to our natural environment through expressive and well-designed athleisure clothing.

Why? Because versatility coupled with super stylish and high-quality construction means less need for more things in general.

Life is movement toward what makes you tick. And doing what makes you feel alive, heals the planet. It's that simple.

The prints you see on my clothing are all original designs -- I am also an artist.

Join me in moving toward your best self.


More of My Story
Move toward what feels good, and the rest follows.

Men's Joggers, Sweats, and Shorts

Style, Comfort, and Performance.

Destroy the Moon Unisex Hoodie

Sport Legging Collection

Made to perform at the highest level.