Fall 2022 Men's Athleisure Style Guide

After pandemic lockdowns and two plus years of social distancing (yikes already), we believe 2022 will see an emergence of comfort, color, and boldness for Men’s Athleisure wear.   Men especially are ready to make bold fashion statement in their choice of unique athleisure looks with textured prints this Fall.    

Men’s athleisure has taken over the market in a way few other categories have in the last few years.  This is in part due to the rise of remote work and the desire to wear comfortable clothes throughout the day.  There’s also a maturing societal trend toward more casual apparel in the workplace and in public.   But in 2022, causal wear certainly doesn’t mean bland or boring or restrictive or fast fashion – those days are gone.

Technical fabrics (wicking, breathable), durability, versatility, and style are key factors in men’s athleisure decisions; and they are willing to spend more on fewer, quality items that last.  This year especially, we are anticipating men to wear more color paired with uniquely designed pieces like textured prints.  For athleisure pants, the trend is a sleeker profile, shorter inseam, and tapered ankle with discreet (and plenty of) pockets.  Men’s leggings or meggings are also trending—worn underneath shorts or stand alone looks.

Wear AM has launched a new line of versatile joggers called the Joya II, a slightly different iteration on the original Joya Athleisure pant.   These were so named because they are literally a joy to wear -- crazy comfortable and versatile enough for the gym and to an evening out.  Made from an ultra-breathable Dri-tex material that is lightweight and mossy to the touch, designer Andrew Murray chose launch colors that can now serve as neutrals –ivory white, Navy blue, and Kelly green.

They are great to pair with a bolder top like the new art printed, mid-weight crew neck sweatshirts, all of which have printed texture and which are super soft with a fleece lined inner.  These joggers and crew neck sweatshirts can be worn up until the thermometer starts to stay in the upper 70s.