Who I am

Hello and thanks for visiting my shop.  I founded Wear AM in 2016 to shatter my comfort zone and challenge the hell out of myself.  I believe this shows up in our prints and designs that are created by me in my art studio.   If you vibe with them, welcome to the community! 
Colorful, vibrancy, and full of expression is what I strive for in each design. Above all, my mission is that while wearing my athleisure wear, you get a great fit and feel and a mood-boosting experience. 
  I grew up as an athlete (playing NCAA Division I soccer), have practiced yoga most of my adult life, and I love venturing into the outdoors. Wear AM is a very small, sustainable, Los Angeles-based company. And our aim is to make our garments in locations closest to the end user with an ever increasing focus on eco-friendly fabrics and production techniques.
With gratitude,