Wear AM brings a unique, artistic eye to athleisure wear, providing an authentic, colorful perspective to what is possible. We want to make your outfit and your entire day a lot more fun with our original printed designs. Our garments meet our high performance standards and will meet yours, too.
Wear AM’s creative process is time intensive, and our high quality products are ethically made.
Andrew Murray is the core of Wear AM. Andrew has been an artist for nineteen years, and he has practiced yoga for eleven. In his art and in his line, he challenges the status quo and tries to create a new movement. Andrew lives in Los Angeles with his dog, Ora.
Our mission is that while wearing our athleisure wear, you get a great fit and an invigorating experience. Wear AM accomplishes this by delivering the highest attention to detail, design, quality, and ethics in our garments.
Much love,
Andrew Murray