More of My Story

As a visual artist, outdoor lover, energetic-dog owner, and athlete, I live in athleisure clothing.  I dove into the athleisure space really on whim.  Since then it's been a journey of learning by doing, making mistakes, and getting back up on the horse to ride again. 

As an artist and yogi, I also felt the category was ready for a more colorful energy and bolder patterns. So I set out to create a line of athleisure clothing that blurs the line between performance utility and creative artistry. 

So, one day after an intense yoga session, I decided to create a sample legging from a vibrant painting of mine.

Wear AM® was born.

I love the process and creativity involved in creating this athleisure brand full of electric color, interesting lines, and technical fabrics.

And I hope that when you wear your AMs, you can feel it.  

Andrew Murray, Founder