Wear AM is committed to a clean and healthy planet.  We believe that getting there starts with each one of us and our behaviors.  Here are some of the things we are doing already.

1).  We believe the most sustainable thing we can do as humans is to make the highest quality products possible, which will last for many years.  Our garments are made to last many years because of our fabric selection and garment construction.

2). We produce our garments on demand and in small batches. This limits the transportation miles and therefore CO2 emissions it takes for our products to reach you. 

3). On the human side of things, we have relationships with our production facilities in the USA and know they are paid above industry standard wages and work in safe, sanitary conditions.

4). We use recycled and organic, natural fabrics when at all possible and are looking for more innovative materials and processes every day.

5).  We ship orders with 100% compostable packaging. It is important to put this packaging in your compost bin at home, and not the trash, as they are made from vegetable oils.